RIPEET in Action.

The RIPEET project supports Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) policy experimentations for energy transition in three European territories - in Extremadura (ES), Highlands and Islands of Scotland (UK) and Ostrobothnia (FI).

RIPEET brings together quintuple helix actors of the territorial socio-technical energy regime in Transition Labs in order to envisage and implement a place-based energy transition process. Building on this evolutionary model of socio-technical transitions, RIPEET will use the existing landscape and regime-level pressures to facilitate the development of territorial socio-technical futures based on RRI actions. The governance and agency in this transformative process will be organised within the Transition Labs. These Labs will bring together stakeholders to co-create common visions based on the potentials and priorities of territorial eco-systems (mapping and visioning), generate transition pathways and innovation needs, launching a call for immediate bottom-up solutions to these (pathways and piloting) and anchor the process on organisational as well as policy level (sustainability and exploitation).

Call for Mirror Ecosystems

Up to six applicants will be selected to participate in a peer-learning scheme which follows the pilot-mirror approach: they will be working closely as “mirror ecosystems” with those engaged in the three “pilot ecosystems” based in Extremadura (Spain)Highlands and Islands of Scotland (United Kingdom), and Ostrobothnia (Finland). The objective is to adopt the system of methods developed, tested, and validated throughout the project in order to reinforce the regional capacity to implement a more responsible, inclusive, and sustainable approach to the energy transition.

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