Energy Transition on Islands 

Diversity of islands, common learning opportunities

Islands face very specific challenges as regards energy transition, being confronted infrastructural (grid) challenge, often-high rates of energy poverty, and high dependency on energy imports. Transitioning away from fossil fuels and increasing energy efficiency could provide solution to those challenges.

In our webinar, we discussed some of the main challenges of energy transition on islands, tackling the issue both from the perspective of research as well as from a practical point of view.

The webinar addressed islands ‘energy transitions in their diversity through cases discussing the particular challenges faced in different island contexts. Indeed, islands ‘particular contexts from energy potential, grid structure, spatial organisation to social contexts will greatly influence their capacity to engage in the energy transition.

We discovered innovative solutions, inspiring case studies, and best practices for achieving sustainable energy transition in island communities. Further, we gained a deeper understanding of the crucial role of local communities, technology integration, and supportive policy frameworks in building resilient and renewable energy systems.


  • ZSI, Wolfgang Haider, 'The RIPEET approach' - presentation available here 
  • ZSI, CEU Viennam, Laure-Anne Plumhans, "Land use and RE integration in the contested landscape of Martinique: the case for locally oriented approaches" - presentation available here 

Island representatives:

  • Outer Hebrides, Matthew Logan, Community Energy Scotland - presentation available here 
  • Aran Islands, Stephanie Brennan, Aran Island Energy Cooperative  - presentation available here