Learn. Exchange. Connect - Co-creating responsible energy transitions

As the RIPEET project is coming to an end, our consortium is happy to invite invite local and regional authorities’ representatives, co-creation experts and researchers to join our sessions on 18 January 2024.
The event will bring together European Commission representatives, policy-makers, co-creation experts, as well as regional representatives from our pilot territories and mirror ecosystems, to discuss the critical role of stakeholders engagement in energy transition, but also in a wider context of green transition. 

RIPEET Webinar Series: 3rd Webinar on 15 December

Energy Transition on Islands 

Diversity of islands, common learning opportunities

Islands face very specific challenges as regards energy transition, being confronted infrastructural (grid) challenge, often-high rates of energy poverty, and high dependency on energy imports. Transitioning away from fossil fuels and increasing energy efficiency could provide solution to those challenges.

RIPEET project drives energy transition in Ostrobothnia

RIPEET pilot region Ostrobothnia has hosted the project General Assembly in Vaasa last June, raising the interest of local energy stakeholders and encouraging citizen-led energy initiatives.

The Regional Council of Ostrobothnia has emerged as an active participant in international cooperation, assuming a significant role in numerous organisations and initiatives dedicated to advancing regional development and fostering collaboration across Europe.