Knowledge sharing to increase impact:

RIPEET goes to the Pathways to Impact Conference

Graz, 19 October 2023

Wolfgang Haider had the pleasure to present the RIPEET project, particularly its impact-driven approach, at the Pathways to Impact conference held at the Technical University of Graz. The event commenced with an introduction by Anne‐Catherine Gridelet, a representative from the European Commission, who focused on the significance of impact narratives in Horizon Europe. Following this introduction, RIPEET was introduced as a successful case study exemplifying how impact can be generated through European research and coordination projects.

The distinctive co-creative approach involving multi-actor collaboration in shaping regional energy transition visions and the subsequent development and implementation of innovative solutions to address identified energy needs was a prominent highlight. The emphasis was on how this approach has fostered meaningful impact.

Subsequently, following the presentations, Wolfgang Haider participated in a panel discussion. The discussion revolved around the potential applications of approaches like the RIPEET Transition Labs in various scientific fields, demonstrating their effectiveness in facilitating multi-stakeholder collaboration.