Why launch a call for solutions?

Each of the three RIPEET territories (Outer Hebrides, Scotland; Ostrobothnia, Finland and Extremadura, Spain) has collaboratively identified the most urgent energy need in their region in close collaboration with a diverse range of local stakeholders. We are launching a call for solutions because we want to hear your ideas on how to best address these regional energy needs. 

What is the RIPEET co-creation approach?

The implementation of the RIPEET pilot project will be supported by a “co-creation team”. The term co-creation means that all stakeholders in this team are centrally involved in shaping the work plan, implementation, delivery and assessing the impact of the pilot project in the region. This co-creation approach will also ensure that the developed solution is aligned with the values, needs and expectations of the region. ​​​​​​​

Why three different calls?

Each of the RIPEET territories has identified an energy need which is unique to their region. Since the needs are so diverse, it makes sense to have 3 separate calls, one for each region. You can find more information on the regional calls for solutions in the dedicated pages.

15 September 2022

15 November 2022