The RIPEET Lab is the closing chapter of the project peer-learning programme, in which six mirrors ecosystems and the three pilot territories, the Outer Hebrides (UK), Ostrobothnia (FI) and Extremadura (ES) engaged in mutual learning activities and exchanged good practices on stakeholder’s engagement and co-creation methodologies for responsible energy transition.

The event will be organised in-person on Wednesday 17 January 2024 (13:00 to 17:30) in ERRIN Office (Rue du Luxembourg, 3 1000 Brussels). You can find the draft agenda here. The event will involve RIPEET partners and external stakeholders, giving a specific focus to  the key learnings to replicate stakeholders’ engagement methods in other domains and contexts.

The event aims to:

  • Identify differences and synergies between participants for the implementation of stakeholders’ engagement methodology

  • Identify concrete learnings to ensure the re-use of RIPEET methodology in different contexts, both geographical (more regions implementing it) and sectorial(more domains to implement co-creation processes).

  • Explore future collaboration opportunities focusing on stakeholders engagement across different sectors and looking into specific HORIZON Europe calls.

The meeting will be facilitated by Sticky Dot.

The registration form is available here. Due to limited capacity of the room, confirmation of participation will be sent in January.

The registration form is available here.