Community building, mentoring & networking

In order to ensure the sustainability of the RIPEET project, a RIPEET Community of Practice of Mirror Ecosystems is currently under development. These Mirror Ecosystems will take up and replicate the RRI-based energy transition approach validated through RIPEET. A bottom-up Community of Practice will focus on three ambitions:

  1. Community building 
  2. Mutual learning and mentoring 
  3. Anchoring and networking. 

Join the RIPEET Community

In the frame of the Horizon 2020 funded project ‘Responsible research and Innovation Policy Experimentations in Energy Transition (RIPEET)’, we are building a community of passionate regional representatives committed to shaping the regional energy vision of the future. Interested applicants can submit their expression of interest by responding to the open call to join the RIPEET Community of Practice (CoP).

Up to six applicants will be selected to participate in a peer-learning scheme which follows the pilot-mirror approach: they will be working closely as “mirror ecosystems” with those engaged in the three “pilot ecosystems” based in Extremadura (Spain), Highlands and Islands of Scotland (United Kingdom), and Ostrobothnia (Finland). The objective is to adopt the system of methods developed, tested, and validated throughout the project in order to reinforce the regional capacity to implement a more responsible, inclusive, and sustainable approach to the energy transition.

Knowledge transfer

For two years, a programme made of a blend of offline and online activities will foster collaboration and knowledge transfer between those engaged in the pilot ecosystems, RIPEET consortium partners and the six selected applicants. Together, they will form the RIPEET Community of Practice sharing the interest in collaborative approaches to energy transition processes. Divided into three mutual learning groups, they will learn methodologies, tools, and practices to connect the innovation ecosystem stakeholders through policy experimentations for the energy transition.

Selected mirror ecosystems will benefit from the methodologies and tools developed in the framework of RIPEET project. They will enjoy a tailored support, provided by project partners, to help them better apprehend the innovative ecosystem thinking, participate in study visits and webinars, connect with interesting partners all over Europe. The whole learning scheme is provided free of charge, and the project can even cover travel costs when relevant.