Call for mirror ecosystems

Up to six applicants (regional authorities, local authorities, universities, regional clusters, energy agencies and innovation agencies) will be selected to participate in a peer-learning scheme free of charge which follows the pilot-mirror approach: they will be working closely as “mirror ecosystems” with those engaged in the three “pilot ecosystems” based in Extremadura (Spain), Highlands and Islands of Scotland (United Kingdom), and Ostrobothnia (Finland). The objective is to adopt the system of methods developed, tested, and validated throughout the project in order to reinforce the regional capacity to implement a more responsible, inclusive, and sustainable approach to the energy transition. 

What's in RIPEET for you?

  • Networking and gaining visibility.  You will be connected with leading organisation from regions facing similar challenges as you in their way towards just and sustainable energy transition.

  • Saving time and effort. The experiences shared with you will allow you to design and implement new policy and governance tools that have been tested, adapted according to learnings and validated.

  • Knowledge transfer. You will learn from the experiences of the RIPEET pilot territories and have the chance to be on the forefront of the responsible, just and sustainable energy transition movement in the EU (and beyond).

If you need more information about RIPEET's mirror ecosystems, please visit our dedicated page.

1 April 2022

23 June 2022

  • Peer-learning vistit - From September 2022


Thanks to the participation in the Community of Practice, selected regions will have the benefit to:

  • Co-shaping of methodologies and tools to be used in policy making, by learning from the pilot regions on the tools and methodologies developed by the project;
  • Saving time and effort in designing new policy frames, by learning from the successes and failures from other similar regions;
  • Networking with peers and gaining EU visibility, by exchanging experiences with other regional organisations that face similar challenges and identifying key stakeholders in the field of the energy transition.