EnLuces is a pilot solution developed in Extremadura (Spain) as a result of the Call launched by the RIPEET project.

EnVerde Extremadura, the organisation implementing the solution, will develop new spaces, tools and resources with which citizens can play a leading role in the definition of Extremadura’s energy transition, favoring the development of new, fairer and more sustainable solutions, paying special attention to the Energy Communities Models.


Extremadura Region


empower citizens, well inform and educate them, with the capacity to take energy decisions, manage energy solutions and be active in the energy system, reaching in 2040 the target of 60% of citizens that produce their own energy

As a result of the co-creation work carried out in the framework of Extremadura’s Energy Transition Lab, implemented through the RIPEET project, a joint vision for Extremadura was reached between the actors of the quintuple helix involved: to have by 2040 an energy system that is independent and 100% renewable; a system in which energy communities and self-consumption are a consolidated reality; that allows the region to develop in a sustainable way, reaching a balance between the energy and the environment, with responsible citizens that are actively involved in the transition process and with an energy sector in the region that leads scientific and technological advances in storage and new sustainable technologies.

In order to achieve this vision for the future of the region, 2 main challenges were prioritised:

empower citizens, well inform and educate them with the capacity to take energy decisions, manage energy solutions and be active in the energy system 

have energy communities fully developed in all the municipalities in Extremadura by 2040, reaching one per municipality in 2030.

As a result, a call was launched in September 2022 with the aim of increasing general knowledge on energy issues, fostering collaboration between key actors and promoting the development of new energy solutions for the benefit of society.


Create a network of energy community promoters, which will serve as disseminators and referents in their immediate environment

Create a virtual space for dissemination, training and consulting, that allows the interaction of people, the participation of all social agents and communication between institutions, companies and other regional stakeholders.


Expected results

Virtual space is fully operative

All the regional “comarcas” (administrative subdivision) and/or “mancomunidades” (group of Municipalities) are represented in the network of energy community promoters.

100 % of the promoters successfully complete the training activities.


During the co-creation process, different stakeholders have actively participated and contributed with their vision to build together an innovative solution that meets the needs of the region. Among others, some of the stakeholders involved are:

  • Regional SMEs
  • Group of Municipalities
  • Rural Development Centres
  • Local Action Groups
  • Civil Society
  • Intermediate bodies

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